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Somebody recently got in touch to provide feedback on Cycling Power Lab (we love your feedback, thoughts and ideas). Among other useful observations was that the site looks "a bit 90s". While we'd beg to differ - the technology we used to start CPL came out of the "millennial" decade - it's also a fair comment that has not escaped our own notice. In due course CPL will get a new look and feel.

Right now we are working on some exciting sports analytics projects which go beyond the scope of Cycling Power Lab. For that reason we thought it an opportune time to update our blog. Going forward this blog will variously cover all of these projects, hence the change of name. The opportunity to switch onto a more modern blog engine was a nice bonus.

The image that goes with this post is a tribute to cycling in the 1990s. We can still remember many of the wacky go-faster bike designs that came out of that era though we wonder if there was ever much objective aerodynamic testing. Wacky they may have been, but we have to remember that research and development is a process in which the limits have to be pushed, whether you're building bikes, shark fin saddles, or analytics software.

Many of those 90s bike designs (there are some great examples here) are of course now UCI illegal. The UCI has an important role to play in reining in innovations that could be considered to lead us into exclusive equipment arms races, not in keeping with the aesthetics of the sport, or just unsafe. At the time of writing we would join calls for them to rule definitively on the usage of disc brakes, considering in particular the last two criteria.

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