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Are you a coach working with power meter equipped athletes? Then you will understand the importance of managing client’s critical power data. Keeping up-to-date metrics of rider’s best-case ability (mean maximal power) at key durations likely forms the basis of 1) tracking changes in their fitness, 2) specifying workouts of appropriate intensity, and ...somewhat related... 3) defining correct power based training zones.  A lot of your time may be spent managing this data and keeping keen clients abreast of their latest levels.

There are now a few software options in the market that will do a good job of managing this data. But what if you want to make it accessible, directly, on the website of your coaching business?  That is where our new client data management functionality can help.

If you 1) Register with CPL ...it’s FREE... and 2) check the box “I’m running a coaching business...” then your user profile will display the tab “Client Data”.  The main use of this tab is to manage current and historic power and anthropometric data for an unlimited number of clients, for use in performance modelling. But there is more...

You “Client Data” is now available to a widget that you can display on your website. You simply include the html indicated in the image above (zoom if you can't quite read it), replacing youremail@domain.com with the address you used to register at CPL.  Clients can then visit the page where you host this widget, login, and see their current Critical Power curve, FTP, AWC, training zones, and history.  But there is more...

All of your client’s data can now be used to load the parameters of our Popular Event Models. Power, weight, CdA & Crr can all be saved, driving the fastest possible estimates of rider’s power-based performance in a wide range of popular cyclo-sportive and triathlon events.  You simply login to the site and adjust the “Load Models As...” dropdown where you see it. There is more too...

Set up a “Coach Subscription” (it’s a very reasonable GBP 99 per month and affords you up to 25 event models per month) and you can create unlimited “Critical Power” reports at the click of a button from the “Client Data” tab.  These are PDF reports featuring current and previous critical power data and training zones and will be emailed to your registered email address from where you can add commentary and dispatch.

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