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Model any riding event, anywhere on the planet

Since the winter of 2012 CPL has been providing self-service event modelling analytics on a wide range of popular cyclosportive and triathlon events.  We have prioritised coverage of Ironman branded triathlons (i.e. the complete series of 70.3 and full Iron events) as well as the most popular sportives and gran fondos on the European and US calendars, around 200 events per year. Also in our event database are Olympic distance triathlons (the ITU and 5150 series), selected major time trials, and key World Tour events. In fact, at the time of writing, we have almost 500 events mapped and modelled for your analysis, insight, and most racing scenarios you could care to evaluate.

We are always grateful for coaches and athletes who get in touch to request new event coverage or to put us right when a course has gotten out of date. The quality and depth of our event database is really important to us and we have usually been able to turn around updates in a matter of hours.  But hours are a long time and, going forward, we’re excited to be able to offer event creation that’s just as self-service as the modelling itself. So starting this week CPL is providing functionality that enables any user to create and specify any cycling or triathlon event anywhere on planet earth. This event is then immediately available for modelling.

To create an event you simply login, navigate to our event manager (there's a link below the event map on our home page), then EITHER upload a gpx or tcx course file OR “point and click” on the map to define a course. At the moment you save that course our software looks up it’s elevation profile, you specify a name, date, and a couple of other event parameters, and the event goes straight into our database, private to you. If your event is likely to be of interest to the wider population of CPL users then you can tell us to review it for public access too. We and other CPL users will thank you.

As always, if you have feedback or ideas on CPL functionality, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Meantime we hope you find immediate event creation and modelling useful, insightful, and a valuable tool in smarter race prep, wherever your battleground!


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