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From the Wind Tunnel to the Leaderboard

Some time in the winter of 2012-13 we felt that the amount of wheel and frame manufacturer’s wind tunnel data in the public domain had reached the right critical mass to compile a database of component drag data. We used this to power our Aero Components Evaluator which allows people to estimate power or time savings achievable due to certain equipment choices on a range of simplified course layouts. 

It wasn’t long before wheel manufacturers started to get in touch volunteering their wind tunnel data for the database. We love it when manufacturers are truly open with their performance data, allowing athletes to make well informed equipment choices, and if you’re in the component business then we’re always hungry for your numbers. Williams Cycling were the first and we went on to run some performance simulations illustrating the benefits of Williams’ flagship wheels in a couple of real race scenarios. 

When Williams enhanced (and significantly quickened!) their product for 2014 they were naturally keen to translate new wind tunnel data into meaningful performance data for their customers. CPL applied Performance Modelling to compute the real-world benefit of the new wheels at both Kona and the US Pro Time Trial Championships. This sort of analysis is just one example of the power of Performance Modelling and you can read the report here.

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